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Roll-on Desestresante de Belcils



Treatment for the eye area, effectively combating the signs of tired eyes.

Reduces dark circles and swollen eyes with the Relaxing Roll-on, based on sweet-orange bioflavinoids, a powerful draining and decongestant agent for eyelids and bags under the eyes. The yeast oligosaccharides activate periocular microcirculation and the optical pigments have an immediate mattifying effect, toning down the colour of dark circles under the eyes. 

The product is hypoallergenic and dermatologically and opthalmologically tested.

The roll-on applicator with metal ball provides freshness and a rotating draining massage. Shake before use. We recommend application in the morning and/or at night, gently massaging the eye area, and the upper and lower eyelids, with the ball of the applicator, delicately and with no pressure. Complete absorption of the product by gently massaging with the finger tips. Can be stored in the fridge to intensify its cooling effect.

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